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ACES is an Association committed to helping your repair and maintenance business thrive.

Our Mission

The Association for Commercial Equipment Solutions (ACES) exists for the primary purpose of providing its Membership in the commercial equipment industry with opportunities for financial growth, increased viability, and professional enhancement in an ever-changing marketplace

Our Vision

The organization promotes integrity and professionalism. It offers opportunities for more profit, to expand knowledge, networking, and resources, including needed products and services to companies that conduct repairs and maintenance. Repair Business Members are repair and maintenance operations such as independent shops, fleets, dealer repair shops, leasing companies, mobile repair, collision shops, and truck stops. Vendor Members are businesses that are committed to providing products and services to these businesses.

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The Founding ACES Affiliate, Diesel Laptops, is providing ACES Repair Business Members with cutting-edge tools to run your business more effectively and efficiently. Receive an 8% rebate back on your purchases of commercial truck diagnostic software, hardware, and laptop kits.

All ACES Repair Business Members will receive:

Parts Discounts

ACES Members will enjoy National Fleet Pricing on parts purchased from our Founding ACES Affiliate, Affordable Heavy Truck Parts. Parts will be discounted 5-10% and expedited shipping available to help you save money and get trucks back on the road with minimal downtime.

Company Website

Included with each ACES Repair Business Membership is a FREE website and NO additional hosting fees throughout the year! At least three professionally designed templated websites will be available from which the Repair Business Member can choose. The company logo, hero image (header photo), contact information, map, colors, hours, services offered, and an "About Us" page will be customizable.

For a custom website design, ACES Repair Business and Vendor Members may also take advantage of an $1,800 discount.

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Search Engine Optimization

Google. Google Maps. Apple Maps. Yelp. Facebook. Bing. Yahoo. Truck owners and fleets use these and other tools on the Internet to find and engage with your business. What matters most is when they look for you they discover accurate, complete, and compelling information every time. Your Membership will include a FREE comprehensive report ($50 value) showing your visibility and accuracy on the Internet and how or if you are listed in over 150+ online search directories, apps, and social media. If you wish to improve your company's Internet presence and ensure your customers and prospects find accurate information about your business, take advantage of your Member discount to implement a turnkey program for Search Engine Optimization for $115 per month (54% discount off the normal price of $250).

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Repair Financing

"No pink slip, no recourse" repair financing is a benefit Members can offer to your customers. Keep your customer in the shop and increase your profits! The customer who might walk away from a repair will now have an option to finance their repair without putting their equipment up for collateral; you keep the business in your shop, improving your revenue and profitability; and there are no costs, no risks, and no recourse for the repair shop.

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The ACES community of Members will be given opportunities to connect both virtually and in-person. The challenges of this business are not unique, but oftentimes Members need a sounding board or a way to explore how to solve a problem in their business. ACES exists to provide such opportunities.


ACES Members will receive vouchers to attend three online training webinars, run by the experts at Diesel Laptops, for FREE. Topics will range from emissions, electrical, specific engine types and more.

ACES Repair Business Members will receive one voucher a year for $500 for In-Class Training at Diesel Laptops' locations in Irmo, South Carolina or Dallas, Texas.

ACES Members will have the opportunity to attend FREE Members-only webinars on topics to help your business such as legal, business structure, and marketing.

Workplace Health Technology

Included in each ACES Membership is @Work by Achu HealthTM, a workplace health platform that uses daily symptom reporting via a digital dashboard and mobile application to create safe and protected workplaces that allow businesses to prosper.

ACES Members will have access to a comprehensive suite of digital predictive analytic health and wellness tools on mobile and wearable devices, to provide employees with engaging health and wellness experiences.

Take advantage of your ACES Membership and start protecting your workforce today.

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Additional Benefits Coming

  • Discounts on Diagnostics Equipment
  • Discounts on Accounting and Tax Services
  • Training
  • Warranty
  • Warranty Financing

Membership Levels

Please review our Member benefits to see how you can receive an exponential return on your Member dues investment.

  • Repair Business

    Repair Business Memberships are for repair and maintenance operations such as independent shops, fleets, dealer repair shops, leasing companies, mobile repair, collision shops, and truck stops.

    Call for membership @ 336-904-2242

  • Vendor

    Vendor Memberships are for businesses that sell products and services or provide support to our Repair Business Members.

    Call for membership @ 336-904-2242

Sign-Up to Become an ACES Affiliate

Vendor Members provide important products and services to this industry. A Vendor Member may apply to become an ACES Affiliate. ACES Affiliates will be promoted by the Association on the website, as well as in approved marketing campaigns and social media.

*Our highest distinction of ACES Affiliates is our "Founding ACES Affiliate" designation bestowed on a limited number of companies who come alongside the Association. Please call or email the Executive Director for more information.

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